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Guizhou leaves beautiful impression on Asian media

By Gu Ruoqi and Li Jun ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-06-09

Catherine Angie Fructuoso Duarte, a columnist for Digital Photographer from the Philippines, fell in love with China during a five-day activity called “Guizhou in the Eyes of Asian Media.” It was her first time to China.

Guizhou leaves beautiful impression on Asian media
Angie was dancing with local Miao people.(Photo/China Daily Guizhou Office)

"Before, I only understood China through cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but Guizhou has given me totally different feelings to better understand China," Angie said.

Guizhou leaves beautiful impression on Asian media
The ethnic Miao women dances in their village.(Photo/China Daily Guizhou Office) 

The most unforgettable experience for Catherine was the visit to Lang De Shang Zhia village in the southwest part of Guizhou province, where the Miao people live. The colorful clothes and silver jewelry of the Miao people left a deep impression on her. “Our team plans to use 13 pages to demonstrate the exciting tour in Guizhou to show its colorful culture and landscapes,” Angie added.

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