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Guian New Area

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Updated: 2015-02-27

Guian New Area is located between Guiyang and Anshun, Southwest China's Guizhou province. The planned area of 1,795 square kilometers covers 20 towns or townships of four counties (or county-level cities or districts) in the two cities. It will become an exemplary open economic zone in inland China, a major growth pole and an exemplary ecological development zone in West China. It is one of the five new areas developed under China's Western Development Program and the eighth national-level new area in China.

Guian New Area
The Guian New Area

As a core area in the central Guizhou economic zone, the area enjoys distinctive geographical advantages. Plain land and good cultural and ecological environment provide it with enormous potential and capability for accelerating growth.

According to the State Council's Document No 2 issued in 2012, in order to build a main battlefield for Guizhou to catch up and exceed other regions and to stride forward, the area should become a base for the equipment manufacturing industry featuring aeronautics and astronautics, a major resources deep-processing base, and a regional commercial logistics center and technology innovation center.

On January 6, 2014, the State Council approved the establishment of the national-level Gui’an New Area.

The area boasts not only a good ecological environment and long history, but also a beautiful natural environment with pleasant climate and a forest coverage rate of 42 percent. The ancient Tunpu culture, original indigenous culture and various tourist sites, such as Red Maple Leaf (Hongfeng) Lake, Hundred Flower (Baihua) Lake and Floral Stream (Huaxi) Park, are great resources for high-end cultural and recreational tourism.

In 2012, China's spotlight of strategic regional development was diverted to the western inland region. On February 20, the State Council issued an official reply to the 12th Five Year Plan for the Western Development Program, announcing that China would speed up the development of major city new areas in the west, among which five stood out for receiving the State's guidance on their strategic roles, namely Gui’an New Area, Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, Shaanxi Xixian New Area, Sichuan Tianfu New Area and Gansu Lanzhou New Area.

On March 31, the construction of a main road in Guian New Area, Danghu Road, was launched, marking the beginning of the new area and of Guizhou's quickening development. The construction of Danghu Road is a project of great importance. The road, with a total investment close to 2.5 billion yuan ($400 million), is 8.4 kilometers long and 60 meters wide with a six-lane two-way street. It was rated as an I-level city main street with expressway. It starts at the crossroad of Huaxi Guobin Street and South Ring Road toll station and ends at Pingba-Guiyang Expressway. "As a main road in the new area, Danghu Road is bound to produce a leading effect and push forward the development of the area."

In 2012, the 1.7-billion-yuan construction of two horizontal roads connected to Huaxi district was launched. It will be completed by October 2012. Construction of the three vertical roads connected to Qingzhen city will be launched in the first half of this year and will be completed by the first quarter of 2013.

"In the near future, with the completion of road construction, transportation will be convenient and coordinated development between Anshun and Guiyang, as well as Pingba, Huaxi and Qingzhen, will become a reality. The development of Gui'an New Area will enter the fast lane."

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