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Guizhou drawing in Internet celebrities

By Ou Xinfa and Li Yang ( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-04-15

Internet celebrities will be gathering in the city of Guiyang, capital of Guizhou province for an international big data expo, held from May 26 to 29, to discuss big data development plans, according to the news conference of the expo held on April 14.

Liu Lanming, head of the International Big Data Expo 2015—Global Big Data Era Summit organizating committee, has announced that Jack Ma, chairman of the Alibaba Group, Zhou Hongyi, chairman of Internet security company Qihoo, Terry Guo, chairman of Foxconn, and Mark Gibbs, president of SAP Greater China will be taking part in the expo, which consists of an exhibition, summit, forums, innovation competition, and discussions on data security and development.

The expo is shaping up to be a cutting-edge, high-level site for global big data development with exhibits, international platform, cooperation promotion and mutual development with leading enterprises and figures from around the globe showing their latest developments and technologies and giving their ideas on the future of big data.

The news conference also said that as many as 250 enterprises, including Microsoft, Google, Intel, HP, Cisco, Alibaba and Lenovo, will be attending.

Guiyang says that it is its ecological advantages and policies that allowed it to develop big data and play host to this year's expo. In 2014, it already had as many as 227 companies involved in big data and more than 2,900 in cloud computing, and was building a data center with a capacity of 50,000 servers, and had 10 finance companies moving their data center to Guizhou.

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