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Advanced bio-tech to be introduced to Guizhou

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Updated: 2017-09-14

The Consulate of the Czech Republic in Chengdu and representatives from the Czech Republic-based SOTIO Company and PPF Group investigated FACTORR CELL Biological Technology Co Ltd in Guizhou on Sept 8.

Several in-depth exchanges between SOTIO and FACTORR have occurred since a memorandum for cooperation was signed in January of this year.

Biological cell therapy is an advanced medical technology that has been successfully used in Western countries. SOTIO, engaged in bio-tech, is a subsidiary of PPF group, an international financial investment company in the Czech Republic. Specializing in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases, SOTIO owns the world's most advanced production base for cell therapy products.

FACTORR is the leader of the bio-tech field in Guizhou. It has an advanced biotechnology platform that has brought experts at home and abroad together to form a top biomedical team.

SOTIO and FACTORR are determined to cooperate to surge the development of the healthcare industry in Guizhou. They will make use of Guizhou's resources to establish a world leading healthcare facility and anti-aging center.

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