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'Made in Guizhou' appears in Beijing

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Updated: 2017-09-15

The 12th China Beijing international Cultural and Creative Industry Expo was held at the China International Exihibition Center in Beijing from Sept 11 to 13.

More than 3,000 cultural and creative products from 14 Guizhou enterprises were showcased during the three-day expo,

Themed as cultural poverty alleviation by developing conferences and exihibitions, 14 cultural and creative entriprises from Guizhou gathered in the expo's Guizhou pavilion to display their products, including tea wine, Miao embrodiery, silver jewellery, sculpture and weaving.

With the integration of traditional culture and modern creativity, Guizhou's products attracted a large number of visitors, showcasing the province's latest cultural achievements mixed with science and technology.

To enhance the inheritance and innovation of splendid traditional culture, Guizhou pavilion made excellent use of the expo's wide impact to promote its traditional culture, highlighting the prospects of culture and technological integration.

One representative from the Guizhou delegation said that the province will seek opportunities to increase exchanges and integration among enterprises in the fields of culture, science and technology to promote the development of the whole industry.

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