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Guizhou's Credit Cloud bears fruit

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Updated: 2018-05-17

As the first national big data experimental zone in China, Guizhou has been trying out new means in recent years to incorporate big-data technologies into the social credit system.

Initiated in March 2017, Guizhou's Credit Cloud was designed to apply cloud-calculating and mass data collecting technologies to the establishment of a national credibility and information sharing platform that provides better civil services in the province.

The Credit Cloud was first completed in December 2017, the birth of China's first big-data storage and analysis system for social credibility in Guizhou.

It aims to make good use of mass data collected on a daily basis to store personal credit information, which can provide accurate references and evidence when it comes to any situation involving credit violation.

"If a tax payer or a company applies for a loan on the Taxation Credit Cloud online platform, it only takes several minutes to complete the whole process," said Li Jinfeng, director of the taxation service department in the Guizhou National Taxation Bureau.

In the Taxation Credit Cloud, there are mass data of corporations and departments of government in finance and taxation sectors. The Cloud uses the information not only to scrutinize deliberate leaking of any business secrets, but also to provide customized data analysis service to users.

To date the Taxation Credit Cloud has helped more than 46,000 tax payers complete the assessment of their credit limit. And nearly 4,800 medium and small-sized companies have been approved for loans totaling 19.7 billion yuan ($3.1 billion) on the Cloud.

According to statistics, Guizhou's Credit Cloud has now stored and analyzed over 80 million pieces of information regarding business entities, social organizations, public institutions and the general public, and provided around 17 million credit reports to various public institutions.

Xi He contributed to this story.

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