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What they say about Moutai

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Updated: 2018-06-14

We feel proud as Kweichow Moutai has become more commonly seen in stores across Australia. It is a name card for China's diplomacy. There is more than 200 years of history of Chinese immigrants living in Australia, who have brought with them their food and wine, key parts of traditional Chinese culture.

What they say about Moutai

Cai Wei, envoy at the Chinese Embassy in Australia

Thanks a lot for Moutai's visit and I hope that we will have more cooperation opportunities not only in promoting businesses together but also deepening friendly ties with Chinese people.

What they say about Moutai

Gladys Berejiklian, premier of New South Wales

One advantage for UNSW Business School is that we have high-quality and diversified students from different education backgrounds and industries. We have more than 20,000 overseas students in which the number of Chinese students accounts for a large proportion. It is our goal to cultivate talented future leaders for the country and the world with strategic insights. Moutai's scholarship project will help us to realize the goal further. We sincerely appreciate the initiative.

What they say about Moutai

Ian Jacobs, president of the University of New South Wales

There are many Chinese elements in Sydney. As the 'king of liquors', Moutai represents the essence of Chinese culture. Over the past 15 years, Moutai has played a vital part in promoting the friendly relations between Australia and China. We hope that our friendship will grow stronger in the future. Thank you Moutai again and we also wish that the liquor will improve living standards of local people here.

What they say about Moutai

Victor Dominello, minister for Citizenship and Communities in New South Wales

We believe that the establishment of the Moutai scholarship project will benefit more students in the future and at the same time exert profound influence over the whole society. The scholarship will support Chinese students to study master's degrees at UNSW Business School.

What they say about Moutai

Nick Wellesz, deputy dean of UNSW Business School

As a name card of China, Moutai has been well-known in Australia for many years. The country has been an important export market for Moutai. For the past two years, the sales of Moutai in Australia recorded a year-on-year increase of some 43 percent, with markets covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart. In the future, we will build more communication platforms to let more Australian people know about the liquor culture of China.

What they say about Moutai

Zhang Deqin, deputy general manager of Kweichow Moutai

Liquor culture is an indispensable part of China's food culture. Moutai is popular not only with Chinese immigrants but also with local Australians. China is a major source for overseas students and visitors to Australia and also the biggest trading partner of the country. We hope that our relationship will be much healthier and closer in the future.

What they say about Moutai

Tong Xuejun, deputy consul general of the Consulate General of China in Sydney

Moutai is famous not only in China but also in overseas markets. As a representative for China's traditional culture and a renowned national brand, Moutai sets a good example for enterprises in its efforts to strengthen cultural communications with foreign countries. I think Moutai will help more Australian people and foreigners to learn much about traditional Chinese culture in the future. Guizhou is a good place with an unspoiled natural environment and Moutai contributes a lot to the local economy and poverty alleviation.

What they say about Moutai


Zhao Jian, consul general of the Consulate General of China in Melbourne

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