2015 Eco-Forum Global Annual Conference opens in Guiyang

Ancient Chinese culture can advance eco-civilization, scholars say

The essence of Chinese cultural thinking should not only be used in dogmatic preaching. Instead, gems of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism should also serve as an approach to building a more mature and healthy eco-civilization.

Invest in natural capital, demand of new economic growth

Investing in natural capital can result in bumper harvest in Gross Ecosystem Production and GDP, said experts in a forum featuring environment and economics on June 27.


Guizhou, Switzerland cooperates on mountainous economic development

Guzhou and Switzerland vows to cooperate further in developing mountainous economy and sustainability, according to the offices of both sides at a dialogue on June 26.

Forums on low-carbon transition opens in Guiyang

Int'l eco forum opens, seeks to enhance environmental protection

China mulling 'green finance' to tackle environmental blues

MNCs' new opportunities under Chinese economy's new normal

MNCs seek opportunities in eco-civilization


Forestry: A major part of green revolution under New Normal

Southwest China's Guizhou province was honored the title of forest province at a forum on eco security and green revolution held in Guiyang, southwest China's Guizhou province on June 26.

Report on ecosystem tabled in Eco Forum

Multinationals seek gov't cooperation amid "green drive"

Regards from Swiss governor

Austrian minister congratulates EFG chairman

What they say


Guiyang forum to promote environmental protection policies

A forum featuring in explaining Chinese major policies on eco-civilization was held in Guiyang, Guizhou province, on June 26 and invited high level guests in different fields to contribute their thoughts on Eco-compensation System.

Nation's new move to green economy

Guizhou cooperates with Portugal in eco-friendly industry

Cover half of province in forest area by 2017

A tough old guardian of Juchi Mountain

First batch of methanol-fueled taxis put into operation in S.W. China

Travel in Guizhou

Ethnic Miao village set to open in Portugal

A tourism village, featuring the ethnic Miao and Dong cultures will open in Lisbon, capital city of Portugal, according to the Guizhou and Portugal officials at the Eco Forum Global in Guiyang city, Guizhou's capital on June 27.

Eco-travel crucial to industry growth

Economy, ecology granted equal importance

Cultural landscapes in focus

Qianling Mountain Park

Baihua Lake Wetland


Ancient Chinese culture can advance eco-civilization, scholars say

Nation's new move to green economy

MNCs seek opportunities in eco-civilization

Eco Forum Global begins in SW China

Payouts are key move in going green

China seeks to ease urbanization growing pains

Nation's emissions could peak by 2025, report says

Eco-travel crucial to industry growth

Economy, ecology granted equal importance

Eco Forum allows 'China's voice to be heard'