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Xi urges maximum disaster relief effort


President Xi Jinping has called for all-out efforts in disaster relief to minimize casualties and damage during a season of typhoons and frequent floods.

Workshops promote craft in rural Guizhou


Fashion from Southwest China's Guizhou province impressed visitors at the 2018 International Women Sustainable Development Forum and Handicrafts Exhibition held in London recently.

Superfast Hyperloop to take shape in Guizhou


When the hyperloop frenzy started in 2013, it was just tech magnate Elon Musk’s wild idea about the next-generation of travel.

Wanda to extend Danzhai village project


Dalian Wanda Group plans to donate 500 million yuan ($74.83 million) to support the second phase of construction of the Danzhai Wanda village.

Tourism meeting to focus on rural areas


Rural tourism and poverty alleviation will be the highlights of the 13th Tourism Industry Development Meeting of Guizhou, to be held in Congjiang county in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture on Monday, said the province’s officials.

China to have 300 forest cities by 2025


Adding more greenery to cities is a major component of China's future urban construction planning, with 300 State-level "forest cities" to be part of the country’s ecosystem by 2025, the forestry authority said on Friday.

With mountain added, China leads natural heritage count


Mount Fanjingshan, a natural habitat for a number of rare plants and animal species in Guizhou province, has joined 12 other locations in China on UNESCO's World Heritage list.

Thirst for Moutai up in growing UK market


Kweichow Moutai, the world's most valuable liquor brand, is appearing on British cocktail bar menus in an experimental capacity and pundits say it could one day rank as a household name in Europe.

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