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Dai Mingxian (1935- )

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Dai Mingxian, born in Anshun, Guizhou province in 1935, is an acclaimed editor, writer, and calligrapher.


A photo of Dai Mingxian [Photo/gog.cn]

After graduating from Guiyang Qinghua Middle School, he started to work in 1956, when he began to publish his poetry. In this period, he successively served as an editor of You Yi magazine and an editor in the public information department of Guizhou People's Radio Station.

He first published novels in 1962. During the Cultural Revolution, he stopped writing because he was transferred to be a Chinese teacher at Baina Middle School located in Dafang county, Bijie in northwest Guizhou province.

He later returned to Guiyang and became a screenwriter and an editor successively, continuing to write. 

He has published numerous works, such as Jiu Yi Yan Cheng, a historical novel, Can He, a prose collection, and more. In addition, he  has uncollected works of over 100 thousand words. He also devoted himself to calligraphy and seal cutting.

He retired in 1998, and served as the vice chairman of a municipal literary association and subeditor of Hua Xi monthly magazine. He is now the honorary president of Guizhou Calligrapher's Association.


A calligraphy work by Dai Mingxian. [Photo/gog.cn]

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