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Athlete wins first golden medal for Guizhou at 19th Asian Games


At the men's Olympic cross-country race of the 19th Asian Games held in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, on Sept 25, Guizhou athlete Mi Jiujiang claims the championship title with a time of 1:32:37.


Guizhou's historical memorial site decorated for National Day


In the scenic town of Maotai, located in Renhuai city, Southwest China's Guizhou province, a festive atmosphere builds as National Day approaches.


Sui ethnic group celebrate Duan Festival in Guizhou


People in Guilan Sui township of Duyun, Guizhou province, gathered on Monday for a grand celebration of the Duan Festival which included folk-custom rituals, festival parade, bullfight and Lusheng (reed pipes) performances.


Colorful Guizhou plays its annual harvest symphony


Guizhou province takes on a vibrant golden hue every September, as if the entire land has donned a cloak of gold.


From tradition to fashion, Guizhou's Miao embroidery goes global


In recent years, Southwest China's Guizhou has strived to explore and improve the national cultural treasure represented by Miao embroidery. This has transformed it from tradition to fashion and taken it from mountainous areas to the world.


Guizhou's rich cultural tapestry, a global beacon of modernization


Guizhou's breathtaking landscapes, characterized by elevated peaks that reach sky-high, lush forests, and meandering rivers, have inspired poets and artists for centuries.


Guizhou's Miao embroidery shines in new era


In the remote region of Shibing county, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong autonomous prefecture, Southwest China's Guizhou province, Miao embroidery has not only lifted Miao people out of poverty, but also gained attention from people both at home and abroad.


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