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Guizhou establishes green industry technology institute


The Guizhou Green Industry Technology Institute, a provincial R&D institution, was unveiled at Guizhou Science City in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, on Dec 30.


Guizhou to upgrade big data development


Southwest China's Guizhou province aims to upgrade big data development by reforming its digital industry, digital integration, digital infrastructure, digital governance and digital ecosystem, according to a news conference held on Nov 8.


Mushroom industry burgeons in Guizhou


In recent years, Southwest China's Guizhou province has seen its mushroom industry grow and ranked first in the nation for the annual growth rate of the mushroom industry. The scale of its mushroom industry ranks among China's top 10.


Guizhou accelerates in-depth integration of big data, real economy


With advantages in big data development, Southwest China's Guizhou province has been using digital technologies to help the real economy transform and upgrade.


Big Data Expo to discuss upgrading of film and television industry


At the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2022, a forum on the digitalization and cloud computing of the film and television industry will be held online on May 26.


Guizhou establishes modern industrial system led by digital economy


Guizhou province will build an innovation zone for the development of the digital economy and accelerate the establishment of a modern industrial system led by the digital economy in the new era of West China Development.


Phosphate chemical company contributes to Guizhou's industrial development


Guizhou Phosphate Chemical Group, a State-owned enterprise based in Southwest China's Guizhou province, aims to take advantage of the West China Development Program in the new area and achieve breakthroughs in both asset size and business revenue.


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