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Guizhou releases anti-pandemic measures for Spring Festival

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2021-01-22 Print

In preparation for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, which will last from Feb 11 to 17 this year, Southwest China's Guizhou province requires all departments to release authoritative pandemic-related information within five hours and promptly respond to the public's concerns.

Departments at the provincial, municipal, county, township and village levels are expected to act responsibly and enhance public checks of people's health codes, travel history and personal contact history.

All administrative areas should promote COVID-19 vaccinations, improve the availability and quality of nucleic acid testing, establish cooperation mechanisms between different departments to handle emergencies and publicize pandemic prevention and control information. Officials should also enhance the supervision of frozen food circulation.

Health centers and clinics at the town and township levels should set up fever clinics or rooms to quarantine suspected COVID-19 cases.

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