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Guizhou seeks to enhance the quality of public life in 2021

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: 2021-01-27 Print

According to Guizhou province's government report, which was released at the annual provincial session of the People's Congress on Jan 25, the province has set 10 goals to improve people's livelihoods in 2021.

The goals include building, renovating and expanding 100 public kindergartens, upgrading 40 county-level medical institutions, renovating 50 standard nursing homes and adding 10,000 beds. The province will also provide vocational skills training for 1 million people, help 700,000 rural workers find jobs in other cities and hire 100 tutors to assist rural revitalization efforts.

Guizhou will also establish the provincial geological museum and open it to the public for free, build 100 cultural service demonstration centers in relocation communities and upgrade 100 toilets in scenic areas.

Other measures include renovating 168,000 old households and adding 30,000 parking spaces in the urban area; adding safety barriers along 1,500 kilometers of village roads and renovating 150 dangerous bridges in rural areas; and building 150 emergency rescue stations in towns and townships, and 2,000 village-level emergency broadcasting systems.

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