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Guizhou helps groups with employment difficulties

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2022-11-11 Print

The Guizhou Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security recently held a livestream activity for its employment assistance campaign.

The department launched the campaign in August this year. In the early stages, 121 high-quality employment companies provided 11,465 jobs.

Through livestream activities and other methods, the campaign aims to match supply with demand and promote the employment of laborers, especially the long-term unemployed, graduates with employment difficulties, disabled people and other groups experiencing difficulties.

At China (Guiyang) Human Resources Service Industrial Park, Guiyang Xingjunyi Human Resources Co is responsible for connecting groups with employment difficulties.

Zhu Kai, the head of the company, said that with the support and promotion of the industrial park, the company has opened seven small assistance workshops in relocation sites and villages to help more than 700 elderly laborers, disabled and other special groups achieve employment and increase their income.

Since August this year, the human resources and social security departments of Guizhou have organized more than 230 job fairs, identified more than 9,300 employment assistance targets, and provided 146,000 jobs.

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