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Guizhou, China Association for Science and Technology seal cooperation

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2022-12-09 Print

The government of Southwest China's Guizhou province and the China Association for Science and Technology recently signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement.

According to the agreement, the association will help Guizhou establish high-level sci-tech think tanks and offer sci-tech policies and development strategic consultation services for Guizhou's technological breakthrough and engineering application needs.

The association will support Guizhou in implementing the 2021-35 outline of the action plan for improving the scientific quality of the public. It will support Guizhou's construction of science and technology museums, national science popularization demonstration counties, cities, and districts, and national science popularization education centers.

Academicians and experts will be organized to launch high-end and cutting-edge scientific reports in Guizhou. The association will also support Guizhou in applying to host the China Adolescents Science and Technology Innovation Contest, as well as help China's academic associations and international high-level experts boost the province's sci-tech development and talent training.

The Guizhou government will create a sound environment to attract domestic and international high-level talent and young people to work and reside in the province.

Guizhou and the association will cooperate to enhance the construction of sci-tech organizations and help regional sci-tech associations to establish urban and rural community science popularization associations, sci-tech volunteer organizations, agricultural technology associations, and sci-tech universities for the elderly among others.

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