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Guizhou releases cartoon image of culture and tourism in Beijing

eguizhou.gov.cn| Updated: 2023-11-17 Print

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The design of the "Duocaibao" cartoon image is inspired by Guizhou's endangered golden snub-nosed monkey. [Photo/ddcpc website]

Southwest China's Guizhou province held an event in Beijing on Nov 16, launching the "Duocaibao" cartoon image and Guizhou Aesthetic Tour Theme Promotion Ceremony.

The event was attended by national diplomats, renowned contemporary Chinese artists, leaders of famous art institutions, cultural celebrities, screenwriters, designers, representatives of various companies, and media outlets, totaling nearly 100 attendees.

Guizhou is known for having the most World Natural Heritage sites and traditional villages in the country. It also boasts a high number of national intangible cultural heritage items.

The "Duocaibao" cartoon image design originated from an artistic project in 2022. Five contemporary artists of the project selected the endangered golden snub-nosed monkey as a symbol of Guizhou and incorporated ethnic elements to showcase the province’s vibrant character.

During the event, the promotion of Guizhou culture and tourism highlighted the province’s beauty, which lies in its grand and spectacular landscapes, harmonious natural environment, long history, diverse cultural landscapes, and eagerness to develop and open up.

Guizhou welcomes artists and designers to come and explore its mountains and waters, try out local flavors, understand its cultural heritage, share in the joy of art, and create a beautiful life together.

Guizhou is becoming a popular destination for domestic and international tourists. From January to August this year, it received a total of 464 million visits, generating 534.46 billion yuan ($73.84 billion)in tourism revenue, with an average tourist expenditure of 1,152 yuan per person.

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