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Agricultural Modernization

Mushroom industry burgeons in Guizhou


In recent years, Southwest China's Guizhou province has seen its mushroom industry grow and ranked first in the nation for the annual growth rate of the mushroom industry. The scale of its mushroom industry ranks among China's top 10.


Village head overcomes doubts with resolve


With lush, green fields, delicately designed houses and well-constructed roads, Yanbo village in Panzhou city is one of Guizhou province's most beautiful areas.

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Program plants a seed of agricultural interest in urban areas


Verdant rice paddies looked all the more vibrant under the blistering summer sun. For Luo Deru, owner of the fields in Southwest China's Guizhou province, a bumper harvest was already in sight.


Forestry derived economy boosts green development in Guizhou


Southwest China's Guizhou province boasts an abundance of forest resources with a 62.12 percent forest coverage rate and 162 million mu (10.8 million hectares) of forest, including 34 million mu suitable for developing a forestry derived economy.


Forestry carbon tickets providing villagers a path to prosperity


The environment in Bijie, Guizhou province, has improved in recent years as the city has continued to tackle air, water and solid waste pollution in both urban and rural areas.


Guizhou planning to become TCM hotspot


Wang Anyu, president of a traditional Chinese medicine hospital, is promoting both TCM treatment and the cultivation of genuine TCM herbs in Renhuai, Guizhou province.


Guizhou reaps sweet gains with efforts in thorn pears


By leveraging advantages such as subtropical climate and fertile soil, the mountainous province of Guizhou in Southwest China hopes to become a national commercial center for rosa roxburghii, or thorn pear, a local signature fruit with a sweet and sour flavor.

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