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Guizhou seeks intl business opportunities


Southwest China's Guizhou province plans to organize special teams to carry out international business and commerce promotion activities in 2023 to boost the province's open economy, according to a plan released by Guizhou Provincial Department of Commerce on Dec 12.


Guizhou sees steady growth in 10 main industries


Southwest China's Guizhou province has taken high-quality development as the primary task this year, and promoted the rapid development of its 10 main industries to ensure the multiplication of industrial development.


Guizhou strives to attract and expand investment


Since the beginning of this year, Southwest China's Guizhou province has been devoted to the attraction, construction and operation of major projects to boost economic development in the province.


Guizhou province launches action plan to develop businesses


Southwest China's Guizhou province recently launched a five-year action plan to boost the development of its businesses and markets in 2022-25.


Guizhou's economy grows rapidly in Jan-Feb


Southwest China's Guizhou province has been seeing steady economic growth amid the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid growth in industrial development, investment, consumption and finance during the first two months of this year.


Guizhou attracts 103b yuan in investment online


Southwest China's Guizhou province held an online investment agreement signing event online on March 28.


Guizhou encourages more companies to get listed


Southwest China's Guizhou province recently released a three-year action plan to promote the listing and high-quality development of companies.


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