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Scientist focuses on mine exploration in Guizhou


Zhou Qi, 58 years old, is a Party member and chief scientist of the Bureau of Geology and Mineral Exploration and Development of Guizhou province. During his 40-year career, he has strived to innovate and explore more manganese mines in the province.


Man's passion for steel wires advances career to senior tech


Working with steel wires as thin as hair and molding them into cables under a process using temperatures as high as 1,500 C is Zhou Jiarong's daily routine.


Guizhou sees steady growth in 10 main industries


Southwest China's Guizhou province has taken high-quality development as the primary task this year, and promoted the rapid development of its 10 main industries to ensure the multiplication of industrial development.


Guizhou's economy stabilizes in Jan-July


Since the beginning of this year, Southwest China's Guizhou province has made every effort to stabilize economic growth, achieved stable production and supply growth and balanced market demands.


Guizhou's private economy drives GDP


Over the past decade, the added value of Guizhou's private economy increased by a factor of four, according to a news conference held on Sept 1.


Guizhou accelerates in-depth integration of big data, real economy


With advantages in big data development, Southwest China's Guizhou province has been using digital technologies to help the real economy transform and upgrade.


Guizhou investment in modern industries retains rapid growth


During the first half of the year, Southwest China's Guizhou province expanded its investment in the new model of industrialization, urbanization, agricultural modernization and tourism industrialization – achieving an 8.1 percent year-on-year increase.


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