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Guizhou In New Era

Guizhou hailed as pioneer of nation's big data industry


The mountainous province of Guizhou in Southwest China has become a pioneer in China's big data industry, standing as one of the regions with the biggest number of superlarge data centers globally.


Guizhou to launch 2,500 private investment projects in 2023


The Guizhou Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued a notice to stimulate and promote the rapid growth of private investment.


Guizhou to invest huge in road and water transportation


In 2023, Southwest China's Guizhou province plans to invest 115 billion yuan ($16.72 billion) in road and water transportation, including the construction of 200 kilometers of expressways, 100 km of national highways, and 500 km of tertiary roads or above in counties and towns.


Guizhou to boost digital economy in 2023


In 2023, Southwest China's Guizhou province aims to attract more than 200 digital economic projects with high growth potential and invest 20 billion yuan ($2.92 billion) in big data.

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Guizhou's cross-border RMB settlement hits record high


In 2022, the cross-border renminbi settlement of Southwest China's Guizhou province reached 28.69 billion yuan ($4.19 billion), which shows an increase of 44.3 percent year-on-year, according to Guiyang Central Sub-branch of the People's Bank of China.


Guizhou's digital economy growth rate tops in China


Guizhou province recently released its 2023 government work report. The report shows that digital economy has continued to lead Guizhou's economic development, and various digital applications have become the driving force for investment expansion and consumption boosting.

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